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A Clear Alternative to Metal Braces

At Capps Orthodontics, our clear ceramic braces blend powerful treatment with a touch of elegance. Dr. Capps and our skilled team are dedicated to crafting your ideal smile.

A Clear Step Up from Metal

At Capps Orthodontics, straightening your teeth should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. That's why we offer clear braces as a great option for our Rockwall patients.

Comfort & Style

Clear braces offer a chic and comfortable solution for straightening your teeth. Envision smiling freely, without the worry of braces overshadowing your appearance.

These braces are crafted from transparent or tooth-colored materials, seamlessly blending with your teeth and making them almost invisible.

With clear braces, you can proudly showcase your smile, all while discreetly undergoing orthodontic treatment.

How Clear Braces Work

Clear braces function on the same principles as their metal counterparts — by exerting gentle pressure to shift your teeth into perfect alignment.

But they’re also super comfortable. The ceramic material and rounded edges of their brackets mean you’ll barely notice these braces as they work to transform your smile.

Simple Maintenance

Caring for clear braces is easy because their smaller ceramic brackets make cleaning simple. You won't have to deal with brushing and flossing around bulkier traditional braces, which will make your oral hygiene a breeze.

Ready for a stunning smile without the hassle? Choose clear braces from Capps Orthodontics and start your journey today!

Clear Braces Vs. Metal Braces

Metal braces are famous for their strength and effectiveness in straightening teeth. Clear braces offer the same efficiency with a discreet twist: Their brackets blend in with your teeth for a less noticeable look.

Dr. Capps suggests clear braces for older teens and adults, as their delicate structure may require more care and precise adjustments, slightly extending treatment time.

Metal and clear braces are equally effective in helping you get your perfect smile.

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Caring for Your Clear Braces

Ceramic braces are designed to resist staining so your smile stays radiant throughout your treatment. However, it's important to note that the adhesive for attaching the brackets and the clear elastic ties can be prone to staining.

At Capps Orthodontics, our clear brackets are also self-ligating and do not require elastic ties. But if you neglect your oral hygiene, your braces might look less than pristine between visits.

By diligently following Dr. Capps' care instructions, you won't have to worry about your daily coffee or occasional glass of red wine staining your braces.

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Easy-to-See Benefits

Clear braces from Capps Orthodontics offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and effectiveness — so you get a beautiful smile without sacrificing style. Their transparent appearance is one of many reasons they'll keep you grinning confidently!

Let’s take a closer look at the clear advantages of ceramic braces:

Hassle-Free & Handy

Clear braces from Capps Orthodontics offer a discreet and exceptionally comfortable orthodontic experience. Designed with smooth-edged brackets and requiring only minimal adjustments, they ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, clear braces typically require fewer office visits than traditional braces so you can have more time to enjoy life beyond orthodontic appointments.

Give Your Smile the Stage

Clear braces blend effortlessly with your daily routine by allowing your natural smile to take center stage. They’re perfect for capturing selfies, enjoying your favorite foods, or socializing with friends.

Clear Up Your Smile

With Capps Orthodontics

Discovering your dream smile has never been more straightforward, regardless of where you're beginning.

Dr. Capps and the team at Capps Orthodontics in Rockwall are eager to arrange your consultation.

Serving Rockwall and its surrounding areas such as Royse City and Heath, Capps Orthodontics is your dedicated partner in getting your ideal smile!